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Military Dismissals in South Korea

Military Dismissals in South Korea - Byun Hee Soo still doesn't accept being fired from the South Korean military after being caught transgender. On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion about the dismissal of the South Korean military. In the following, we will provide several reviews and discussions relating to the dismissal of the South Korean Military.

Last week, South Korea's military said it would make an unprecedented decision regarding the future for transgender soldiers serving in the armed forces. A transgender soldier said he would sue the military during a press conference on Wednesday, January 22, at the Rights Center. Military Human Rights in Seoul, South Korea. The South Korean military dismissed him for breaking the rules after changing his gender. Hyun Hui-Soo, 22, joined the army as a man but underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2019 in Thailand after suffering gender dysphoria and mental health problems. This was reported by the BBC, Thursday (23/1/2020).

He accused the military of "deep intolerance" of sexual minorities. South Korea remains conservative when it comes to sexual identity. Byun's case has sparked debate about the treatment of transgender soldiers as well as those of the wider LGBT community. Byun said he did not expect to be forced to leave the military. His supervisors had visited him at the hospital and had discussed where he would be reinstated after his treatment. They suggested he could become a role model for LGBT people in the armed forces.

Byun Hui-Soo expressed his desire to remain in the army after a sex reassignment operation carried out in Thailand in November last year. With tears in his eyes, the Army staff sergeant begged to remain in the army after the military decided to dismiss him. This emotional and emotional statement lasted 45 minutes. “I will continue to fight until the day that I can remain in the military. I will challenge the decision until the end, to the Supreme Court, ”he said.

He said that initially he did not plan to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but doctors at the military hospital recommended doing it after suffering mental health problems. The health problems arise from gender dysphoria, which is defined as stress from internal conflicts between physical gender and gender identity. "It was a very difficult decision for me to let headquarters know my identity, but once I did, I felt a lot better," he said. "I thought I would finish my duties in the army and then undergo a transitional operation and then re-enter the military. as a female soldier. But my depression is getting too bad, "he added." Regardless of my gender identity, I want to show everyone that I too can be one of the great soldiers protecting this country, "he added.

Avoid Discrimination and Unfair Treatment

The military statement added that they were determined to avoid discrimination and unfair treatment. A defense ministry spokesman said the soldier had undergone tests at a military hospital, which classified the loss of a male genitalia as mentally or physically disabled. The military has no regulations governing transgender army service.

In South Korea, being LGBT is often viewed as a disability or mental illness, or considered a sin by churches, and there are no anti-discrimination laws in the country. In Byun's case, anti-LGBT campaigners have attempted to identify himself personally. on line. They also held demonstrations urging the military to fire him after news of the case emerged and called for further demonstrations. According to anonymous sources, there are nearly 9,000 transgender troops on active duty. Some other countries that allow transgender people to serve in the military openly include many Western European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and Bolivia.

Corona Virus Outbreak Cause Marriage Using Masks

Corona Virus Outbreak Cause Marriage Using Masks - Mass marriages were carried out in the country of South Korea, I don't know what possessed them but they had a mass marriage, and strangely they put on masks at the wedding ceremony. On this occasion we will provide several articles related to the discussion of the Corona Virus Outbreak in South Korea Makes Couples Marriage With a Mask. In the following, we will provide several reviews and discussions regarding the Corona Virus Outbreak in South Korea Making Married Couples With Masks

Currently, the Corona Virus is still in the world spotlight. Until now, the public is still afraid because of the spread of this dangerous virus. Many of the public are starting to anticipate by using masks to avoid being infected with Corona. This is also done by thousands of couples who are getting married in South Korea. There were 6,000 couples from 64 countries who held a mass wedding in South Korea, Friday (7/2/2020).

As the organizer of the mass wedding event, the Unification Church, Gapyeong, South Korea distributed masks to every bride and groom who will participate in this series of mass weddings. The reason for holding the mass wedding was because many weddings were canceled due to the Corona outbreak that was spreading and made the public worried. Not only weddings, but also various festivals, graduation parties, and even dozens of business conferences were canceled due to the Corona Virus.

In the scattered photos, the groom wears black suits and white masks, while the brides wear white dresses and black masks. Even though each of their faces is covered with masks, it does not cover their happy aura because they can get married amidst the Virus criticism. Corona is spreading. Thousands of married couples pronounce their wedding vows and vows at the Unification Church. Because thousands of couples attended, the atmosphere at the event became even more festive. They are also competing to capture these precious moments.

Here are some portraits of mass marriages at the Unification Church, Gapyeong, South Korea. Thousands of couples have attended the mass wedding organized by the Family Federation for Peace and Unification of the World, also known as the Unification Church, in South Korea. The ceremony was held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Gapyeongin. near the capital city of Seoul. The participants remained determined to join the event to legalize their marriage relationship, despite concerns that the event could help spread the Corona Virus outbreak originating in Wuhan, China. Some couples wear masks during the ceremony but not everyone feels the object is a necessary precautionary measure.

Nearly 6,000 people from more than 60 countries got married at the event. Such events have been a feature of the Unification Church since the 1960s. Before entering the room, attendees were checked for symptoms of the Corona Virus. Meanwhile, another large-scale event in South Korea has been canceled. However the church prohibits couples from China from attending. The Unification Church distributed masks to the 30,000 people who attended, but not everyone was wearing them. South Korea has confirmed 24 cases of the Coronavirus - the most recent of which was from a South Korean plane that arrived from Wuhan last week.

North Korea Slams South Korea Drama

North Korea Slams South Korea Drama - On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of North Korea, the Drakor District of the South. Some of the articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find related information about North Korea, the Drakor District of the South. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about North Korea criticizing Drakor from the South

We does not specify the titles of the South Korean dramas and films, but it appears that the pages refer to the television drama series Crash Landing on You and the action film Ashfall.

"Recently the South Korean authorities and film producers have released deceptive, fabricated, absurd and dirty anti-republic dramas and films, putting all their efforts into strategic propaganda," reads a review on the North Korean media website. The Ashfall game tells the story of Mount Paektu, which suddenly erupts causing a devastating earthquake in various parts of the Korean Peninsula. The film tells that the only way to solve the disaster is to immerse an atomic bomb in Mount Paektu so that the eruption stops the earthquake.

The atomic bomb was obtained by stealing North Korea's nuclear weapons reserves. Fall also shows a scene of the collapse of a building - assumed to be the headquarters of the Korean Workers' Party in Pyongyang. The final part of the film shows the North and South Korean governments uniting to ensure the rebuilding of the Korean Peninsula.

The idea of ​​this story seems to have inflamed Pyongyang and as the Uriminzokkiri website calls it, "an unbearable insult." Mount Paektu is a volcano in North Korea that has a special place in both North and South Korean culture. Especially for North Korea, the mountain is considered a sacred place and part of of the propaganda hailing the Kim family. They are called "descendants of Mount Paektu".

North Korean propaganda claims the late leader Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011, was born in a hut on the mountain. for the sake of money, ”said a North Korean media article. Another target of North Korean media criticism is the television series Crash Landing on You which has become a popular broadcast in South Korea.

This romantic comedy series tells the story of a rich South Korean woman who falls in North Korea while flying a glider. Her rescue efforts by a North Korean soldier create a love story against the background of the North-Korea dispute. This series has received praise from the South Korean audience for being produced with good research and portrays North Korean nuances — something one can achieve by hiring a North Korean defector as a staff writer and film consultant.

Some others criticized this series for depicting North Korea as a peaceful and livable country. However, North Korean viewers may have a different view. North Korea is described as a poor country whose people often experience no electricity supply, while the elite enjoy a luxurious life. Uriminzokkiri's editorial slams those who "make Korea's tragic split as a source of entertainment" as "human trash without conscience ”.

Furthermore, the article states: "The South Korean government and production houses will suffer the consequences of producing and distributing such films and shows, which are full of manipulation and fiction that insult the reality of the bright situation in the North." and the North Korean media were offended by the work of fiction. In 2014, Pyongyang was outraged by the production house Sony Pictures that released The Interview - a comedy about North Korean leader Kim Jong -un. Sony Pictures then suffered a computer hack. The action was said to have been done by North Korea.

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Leader of the South Korean Sect

Leader of the South Korean Sect - On this occasion, we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of the Sect Leader of South Korea. Some of the articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find related information about the Sect Leader of South Korea. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the Sect Leader of South Korea.

A leader of a religious sect in South Korea will be investigated for the deaths of several citizens due to the coronavirus in the country. The Seoul city government asked prosecutors to indict Lee Man-hee, the founder of the Shincheonji Church, and 11 others.

They are accused of hiding the names of several church members as officials tried to track down patients before the coronavirus spread. South Korea is dealing with the worst coronavirus outbreak outside China. The South Korean government has reported 3,730 cases and 21 deaths so far. More than half of the infections involve members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus sect. Authorities say Shincheonji members infected each other with the coronavirus in the city of Daegu last month, before the outbreak spread across the country.

A senior member, Kim Shin-chang, told the BBC's Laura Bicker that the church was "very sorry for causing concern." She admitted that some church members were initially afraid to reveal their identities, but said the church has now disclosed all information, including everything. the location of the church and its members. "We are worried about disclosing this kind of information because of the safety of our members, but we believe right now the most important thing is to fully cooperate with the government," he said.

On Sunday (01/03) the Seoul City government filed a legal complaint with the prosecutor regarding the 12 leaders of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. They are accused of murder, causing harm and violating the Contagious Diseases Control Act. A total of 230,000 church members have been interviewed. Nearly 9,000 said they showed symptoms of the coronavirus. A 61-year-old female cult member who tested positive for the virus was one of the first to be infected. The woman initially refused to be taken to hospital for testing and is known to have attended several church meetings before testing positive.

The leader of the sect, Lee Man-hee, claimed to be the Savior. He has also been tested for the coronavirus and is awaiting the results. Meanwhile Roman Catholic churches remain closed, large Protestant groups canceled Sunday services, and all Buddhist events were canceled. Outrage at the Shincheonji Church of Jesus' actions in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak has sparked. a petition asking for the sect. Nearly 1.2 million people have signed it. The investigation was sparked by the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, who asked the Chief Prosecutor to arrest the sect leader.

He warned that he would call for a criminal investigation into willful negligence and, on Sunday evening, he submitted the claim to the prosecutor's office. But this does not mean church leaders will face charges of murder. This means prosecutors have to look into the case. Once prosecutors have finished their investigation, they will decide what charges, if any, to bring against the sect. Lee Man-hee, 88, claims to be the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the “promised priest. "As it is called in the Bible.

In 1984, he founded the Shincheonji Church, which in Korean means “new heaven and earth.” The group is considered a sect by many. Lee's followers believe he will take 144,000 people to heaven with him. The church says it has more than 20,000 followers outside of South Korea including in China, Japan and the Southeast Asian region.

This group is well known for its frequent jostling of its followers during worship services. Congregations are reportedly banned from wearing glasses, necklaces and earrings during services. More than 85,403 cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed in more than 50 countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of victims worldwide has more than 2,900. Most of the infections and deaths have occurred in China, and on Sunday, Australia and Thailand also recorded their first deaths from the coronavirus.

A 78-year-old Australian man died after becoming infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan last month. Thailand, which has 42 cases of the virus, said a 35-year-old man who died also had dengue fever. In Paris, the Louvre Museum does not open on the day Sunday. The museum said on Twitter that a meeting was being held about the public health situation and "the museum cannot be opened at this time." France is banning all indoor gatherings involving more than 5,000 people, in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The United States on Saturday reported the country's first death. Authorities said the patient in Washington state was a man in his 50s who also had another health condition. Iran reported 385 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the total to 978 so far. The death toll has risen to 54. Italy, Europe's worst-hit country, has said it will implement measures worth 3.6 billion euros (Rp55 trillion) to deal with the economic impact of the outbreak.

The South Korean Vaccine Hack by North Korea

The South Korean Vaccine Hack by North Korea - The progress of making a vaccine for the corona virus is increasingly encouraging. At least, there are three vaccines that have an effectiveness of up to 90 percent more. The three vaccines are Pfizer which has an effectiveness level of 95 percent, the Moderna vaccine which has an effectiveness of 94.5 percent and Sputnik V which is claimed to have an effectiveness of up to 92 percent.

As vaccine developments seem to find such bright spots, there are those who try to get information from the manufacturers. One of the suspects was North Korean hackers.

1. The South Korean Intelligence Service thwarts hacking efforts

A conservative member of the intelligence committee in the South Korean parliament said North Korean hackers were trying to attack the security systems of a South Korean vaccine maker. However, these hacking efforts were successfully thwarted.
Launching from The Guardian, a member of the intelligence committee named Ha Tae-kung and gave information that the hacker attacks targeted several companies that had vaccine candidates in various stages of clinical trials (27/11). Ha Tae-kung did not name the companies the hackers hacked at.
There is no detailed description of how the South Korean Intelligence Service thwarted hacking by hackers. However, local authorities say that North Korea has employed about 6,000 hackers. Most of the hackers are based in China, Russia and other countries.

2. Kim Jong Un ordered “unreasonable” actions because of the “paranoia” of COVID-19

There is no clear explanation about the motivation for the hacking that was carried out. However, the South Korean Intelligence Service (NIS) gave a statement conveyed by Ha Tae-kung that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un showed excessive anger and took "unreasonable" actions because he was paranoid about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. .
Reporting from the Reuters news agency, some of the unreasonable action orders are to ban fishing and prohibit the production of sea salt water which may have been contaminated with the virus (27/11). To reporters, Ha conveyed "He (Kim Jong Un) has exerted excessive emotions, anger and signs of distress, as well as increasingly giving orders that make no sense".
Information obtained by the Associated Press shows that the South Korean Intelligence Service also provided information on other nonsensical orders, such as executing a well-known money changer in Pyongyang after detaining people deemed responsible for the depreciation of the currency (27/11). There are also top government officials in North Korea who have been executed for violating restrictions on baggage from abroad.

3. North Korean hackers also tried to break into AstraZeneca

Another potential vaccine candidate is made in Oxford, England, namely AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is claimed to have an effectiveness of up to more than 70 percent. This encouraging information is also not spared from hacking attempts conducted by North Korean hackers.
An exclusive report released by the Reuters news agency explained that the hackers went undercover on the LinkedIn website and via WhatsApp to approach AstraZeneca staff and send fake job offer documents. In the document that was sent, there was a malicious code designed to be able to access the victim's computer.
Cyber ​​attacks have surged in numbers, especially against health institutions, vaccine scientists and drug manufacturers in recent weeks. Criminal groups likely to be backed by the state are racing to get the latest information on the development of the outbreak and the latest vaccines.
AstraZeneca itself refused to comment on the hacking news. Pyongyang's representatives in Geneva also did not comment on allegations of hackers trying to hack information on vaccine developments at companies researching the coronavirus vaccine.

Military Dismissals in South Korea

Military Dismissals in South Korea - Byun Hee Soo still doesn't accept being fired from the South Korean military after being caught tra...